Dear GPA Family,

It is with great sadness and surreal disbelief that we inform you of Grand Performing Arts’ decision to close as we enter our second season of great financial impact due to the Covid19 Pandemic.

Please rest assured that it is our intention to bring Grand Performing Arts back to the Bay Area once there is a solution and we can guarantee the health of our friends and families while also assuring the safety of our loyal audience supporters. Due to the unforeseen end of the current pandemic, we feel closing G.P.A. is the most responsible thing to do given the current and very challenging circumstances.

Our entire Family would like to take this time to thank you.  Thank you for your continued support over the last decade and sharing and creating so many memories with us that no doubt will last a lifetime.

Thank you for your support and magic, it has in turn enriched our entire family’s lives with so much joy and creative explosions of happiness and celebration.

Your love has brought us a knowing that a world can exist in peace and harmony.  Your children and all adult guest performers gave us the gift of trusting that with love and confidence ALL THINGS are possible!

Thank you for helping us to create such a beautiful village where everyone felt safe and celebrated no matter the culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification or age. The G.P.A. community is one like no other, and that is a representation of each and every participant and supporter.  May we all continue to carry the G.P.A. spirit through and into our communities in this challenging time.

Thank you for your countless hours of volunteering, cheering and the blood, sweat and tears you gave so freely in the last 10 years.  Grand Performing Arts could have never survived and thrived without you. The village we all created is one I wish I could recreate for everyone in the world to experience.  The friendships and chosen family we have gained by this program is an irreplaceable gift that we treasure deeply for the rest of our lives.

Thank you for Impacting our worlds for the better.  We will be in contact in the new year to update you on any changing plans for 2021. Until then my friends, please stay safe and sane in these unprecedented times.

Oh… and…

With Mad Love,
The Grand, Joslin, Torain & Perriman Crew

Grand Performing Arts is a family theater company designed to nurture the artist in every one of us. From seasoned performers to amateurs young and old, Grand Performing Arts has a unique way of including everyone that has a love for theater, family, community connection and desire to take the stage. Everyone that registers for a GPA production is automatically placed into the performance ensemble and eligible to audition for a lead role. Grand Performing Arts is the leading force of mixing Arts & Hearts and the results on and off the stage are absolutely life changing. Join Grand Performing Arts today and gain a family, a community and a safe place to play.