Grand Performing Arts Mission...

To educate, guide and share a love and appreciation of Theater Arts. To celebrate diversity, build confidence and learn to work together as a team while building confidence, communication skills, self worth and performance skills. To provide a safe place of expression, creativity and a commitment to nurturing and creating artists from the inside out.

Grand Performing Arts (G.P.A.) is a family owned business that was dreamed, created and founded by Kristi Grand, Ryan Joslin and Trenton Torain. Together they bring education of the arts and the hearts to the Tri-Valley in a forum conducive to growth, positivity and nurturing inner talents in ALL children and Children at heart!

Grand Performing Arts is a family theater company designed to nurture the artist in every one of us. From seasoned performers to amateurs young and old, Grand Performing Arts has a unique way of including everyone that has a love for theater, family, community connection and desire to take the stage. Everyone that registers for a G.P.A. production is automatically placed into the performance ensemble and eligible to audition for a lead role. Grand Performing Arts is the leading force of mixing Arts & Hearts and the results on and off the stage are absolutely life changing. Join Grand Performing Arts today and gain a family, a community and a safe place to play.